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Colchester Winter Window Blues 

Yes its that time again the cold winter days are here the wind and the rain the frosty mornings, you may have noticed that the curtains are on the move and that you can feel I draught coming from some were but seem to locate were, there is water coming in around the window or door frame but cant trace were its coming from. We are the company to source your problems and rectify your issues at a fraction of the cost of having to install brand new double glazed windows & door frames.

When the winter months come around its the time when we tend to notice the little issues with draughts and the room doesn’t seem feel as warm anymore, this can be a range of things from the seals around your double glazing the window hinges which could be worn or broken leaving a slight gap around the opening window frame.

The other issue which comes about is the glass double glazing window tends to run with damp/condensation this is quiet a problem most likely to happen when its freezing cold & the heating is on, its become an issue due to houses being air tight as we all wont a warm cosy home and most houses now have cavity wall installation and lagging in the loft. Damp is some thing which is in the air and when there is no air movement it will form a damp patch on your double glazing on the face of the glass. The glass manufactures have noticed the issue and have come up with new technology to make glass double glazed sealed units more efficient but at the same time cutting down the damp condensation problems.

Here at Crystal Clear in Colchester we are able to upgrade your existing window frames using the energy efficient glass double glazed sealed units without having to fit new pvcu frames by just replacing the glass we call it REPLACE THE PANES NOT THE FRAMES, its quicker its cleaner as there is no removal of the frame work so no mess. Why buy new when you can achieve an energy rated window at half the cost of buying new.

Please call us today on 01206 430725 or email us  for any issues to do with your upvc double glazed windows & doors were are experienced technicians will be able to assist you, or you can browse our website on www.crystalclearmaintenance.co.uk were you can view all the work undertaken  email us or request a call back