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The Benefits of Glass Double Glazing & Repairs

At Crystal Clear Maintenance, our team are dedicated to providing homes across Ipswich and Colchester with high-quality glass double glazing, repairs and maintenance.

Whether you have just bought a new property that is in need of glass replacements, or you’re looking for a way to make some sensible changes around your home, our Ipswich and Colchester glaziers are able to assist. We provide the option of upgrading your glass to the recent technology on the market, making your existing double glazing more efficient and fully functional with energy efficient glass double glazing unit.

To speak to our team directly, or to receive a quote for double glazing repairs and replacements, please call 01473 404725 or 01206 430725, or leave a message using our online contact form.

Double Glazing Insulation

Double glazing, as the name suggests, is made of two layers of glass with a small space in between. These layers provide a much better barrier to reduce heat escaping from your house compare to single layer panes.

The ability to retain heat will mean that you won’t have to rely on your central heating as much, which could see a reduction in your energy bills. Reducing your energy usage is a great way to help do your bit for the environment as well.

Reduces Noise

If you live by a busy road or an airport, for example, double glazing is a great way to block out noises from heavy traffic, planes and other vehicles.

As well as blocking noises coming in from the outside, your double glazing will act as an excellent barrier if you wanted to listen to music, or perhaps have children and are concerned about the amount of noise. Your double glazed windows will help retain the noise which will be really beneficial, particularly if you live in a quiet neighbourhood.

Increased Property Value

You might have recently bought a new project-house to do up with a view to selling in the future. If your project property currently has single-pane windows, or old double glazing, our double glazing replacements are a worthwhile investment to make if you’re looking to truly transform your property and refurbish it to its full potential.

Double glazing is a desirable feature for many prospective house buyers, so it will increase not only the kerb appeal but the value of your property too. Whether you are looking to put it on the market now or in the future, ensure you have double glazing installed by a reputable team.

Less Condensation

Condensation can occur very easily with single-paned windows – this is because the glass is often colder than the air in your house. Too much condensation and over time this can lead to a build-up of mould and mildew which is not only unpleasant but can have negative health impacts on you and those living in your house.

Our Ipswich and Colchester double glazing repairs and replacements can help reduce the amount of condensation that forms on your windows – the inner window pane will have a similar temperature to the air inside your house, reducing the formation of water droplets and costly maintenance services that may be required as a result.

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If you’d like to find out more about how your double glazing can be improved, or to receive a quote for our services, speak to our experienced glaziers today on 01473 404725 for Ipswich or 01206 430725 for Colchester.

Alternatively, if you have any questions for our friendly team, you can leave us a message using the online contact form.