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Cat Flaps in Glass

Add a pet door to your window

Crystal Clear maintenance has been installing double glazed sealed units for many years, and we have had customers with pets such as cats who require a cat flap. Some times it’s not possible to fit a cat flap and the only place it can be installed is in the glass. Yes this is possible to fit a cat flap to double glazed windows & doors just leave it to us.

cat flap in glassThere are many different cat flaps on the market but the one we tend to keep in stock and use is the stay-well cat flap, as this has a tunnel and can be fitted to any thickness of double glazed sealed unit. There are two in white & in brown to match the upvc windows and doors.

The other question that gets asked from time to time is, is it possible to cut the hole into an existing double glazed pane of glass ? Sorry but the answer is no it’s not. If being fitted to a door the glass will be toughened safety glass, once toughened you cannot cut it, it will explode/ shatter. So you will need to have a new unit specially made with a hole cut into it, we can also supply the cat flap and install it for you.

So the if you require a a pet door to your window or door frame please don’t hesitate in contacting our experienced team how will be more than happy to help you and arrange a visit and quote your pet door/ cat flap in your window or door frame.