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Repair Services for UPVC Locks

Crystal Clear Maintenance provide reliable lock repairs and maintenance for UPVC door locks and window locks in Ipswich. We’ve been providing our quality locksmith services for over 20 years and have a wide field of experienced locksmiths in the double glazed windows and door locks market. We specialise in all UPVC multi-point door locking systems from double glazed residential doors, French doors, sliding patio doors and can also can fix and repair your UPVC window locks too. Our services are suitable for homes, businesses, and offices, so you can keep what is most important to you safe and secure within your home.



Experienced in Window and Door Lock Repairs

Many people assume that once a window or door lock stops working or becomes faulty, you need to replace the whole UPVC fixture, but in most cases you don’t! Actually, it’s often a simple repair job that can be carried out by a member of our team for a competitive price. Our engineers and locksmiths in Ipswich are capable of resolving all kinds of problems, fixing your security issues with troublesome door locks & window locks. We carry a wide range of replacement parts on our vehicles so we can provide you with the best service possible. In some cases all that’s required is a service or minor adjustments to make the door lock or window lock work properly again. We can visit homes, businesses, and offices to assess your UPVC window and door locks, identify the problem, and address it accordingly in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Your Locksmiths in Colchester

We use window locks and door locks in Colchester every day and often more than once a day at that, so wear and tear and general damage over time is common and often easily rectifiable by our capable local team. Our locksmiths are capable of rectifying difficult to lock doors and windows, stiff handles, the catching of the door leaf when opening and closing, loose door handles that don’t spring back, and handles that don’t release the key after attempting to lock up. There is often no need to completely replace the UPVC fixture altogether, as we can repair the faulty window and door locks.